Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Car Theft on the Rise in Lincoln Park?

My husband just walked in the house after heading off to work and asked if I had driven his car last night.

Um, no.


It's gone. From right in front of our house. Our Honda Accord Hybrid. Picked off the street last night. Damn. That car rocked. The thieves are no doubt enjoying the excellent gas mileage and quiet ride.

Our friend's car was stolen on Saturday night out of his garage near Racine & Diversey. Apparently, the thief had a remote control and drove up and down the streets seeing if a garage door would open.

Maybe that Lojack isn't such a dumb-sounding product after all.

If you all see a car that looks just like this one in the photo driving around with bad guys in it, please let me know. I'm announcing this as kind of like an Amber Alert but for our car.



Kuz said...

See, you should've bought on a cul-de-sac!

Bummer, Jennifer :(

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Stivel Velasquez said...

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports released in November 2002 report that auto thefts in 2001 were up 5.7% from 2000. An estimated 1.2 million vehicles were reported stolen in 2001. The nation's vehicle theft rate per 100,000 people was up 4.5% in 2001.The average value of motor vehicles stolen march madness was $6,646. The estimated total value of all motor vehicle stolen was $8.2 billion. Approximately 62% of all vehicles stolen are eventually recovered, although not all intact.