Saturday, November 03, 2007

TPWWL Moves to - Chicago

Effective today, I have "gone live" as the Guide for Chicago Locals. You can find the site here. is A New York Times Company, and I am pleased to have this opportunity. After three years of blogging here for "love and comments," (as Pound's Wendy McClure once described it), I will be paid to blog about Chicago.

I'll be taking my e-mail address down from this site and substituting it with my new address soon. I hope you'll stop by and see what's up at the new site. I'm the only one behind the Chicago content curtain, so to speak, so I'd appreciate your feedback, ideas, and visits. It's definitely a work in progress as this site always was, too.

I'll leave The Place Where We Live up, but this will probably be its last official post. As you'll note from the previous post, it's been a year of transitions for me. Or, I should say, attempted transitions. (No new home.) But, I'm very pleased that the answer that has come through all this writing is that I get to belong to the entire community, not just once spot of it. And, that feels nice.

Peace to all who come to this post. Thank you for reading.