Wednesday, January 17, 2007

43rd Ward Aldermanic Race Overview: Vi Daley vs. Egan, Goodstein, Smith & Zelchenko

Well, my friends, the time has come for the Great 2007 Aldermanic Race of Chicago's 43rd ward.

If you're just picking up the story, dear neighbors, our alderman, Vi Daley, has four tough-minded competitors who sincerely want to take her to the Lincoln Park mat. So to speak.

For the record, we here at The Place Where We Live headquarters have determined that we will act as Switzerland and will not endorse any candidate. This is due to three main reasons:
  1. I'm actively looking to move out of the ward because most of the single family homes in my price range do not fall within this ward's boundaries. ('Tis a shame and not a surprise, right?)
  2. To date, I've briefly met three of the five candidates, and I believe that each is acting in good faith to serve our community. I really respect that.
  3. What do I know?

That being said, I certainly have some opinions on the matter.

So, let's begin with a simple introduction to the candidates, culled from their websites. More to follow in the coming days and weeks. I do hope you will chime in and comment as you see fit.

I also welcome more information, tips, and thoughts via e-mail at ThePlaceWhereWeLive (at)

Vi Daley (Incumbent)

Vi has been serving as our alderman since 1999. Her ward office can be found here.

Her reelection campaign site can be found here. One sentence on why you should vote for her (excerpted from her website):

"She has always understood what gives our neighborhood its character, strength and historic feel. She has always had a common bond with the community."

Tim Egan

Tim Egan works as the Director of Outpatient Services and Managed Care Contracting at Norwegian American Hospital on the far northside. He's also an active community member.

His campaign website can be found here.

Why he believes he'd make a good alderman (excerpted from the campaign website):

"Tim Egan possesses a passion for two things that will make him a successful and respected Alderman of the 43rd Ward in the City of Chicago; his family and community involvement. "

[Note to Egan Campaign: Please put election photo in your gallery for media use.]

Rachel Goodstein

Unfortunately, I could not find a website for Goodstein. If I have overlooked it, please e-mail me at ThePlaceWhereWeLive (at)

According to this Sun-Times story, Goodstein is a lawyer and the former president of the Meigs Action Coalition.

UPDATE: Rachel Goodstein's site can be found here.

One sentence on why she's running: "(Mayor Daley's illegal bulldozing of Meigs Field) galvanized my commitment to the cause of good government in Chicago. "

Michele Smith

Michele is a former federal prosecutor, business leader, and active community member. Her campaign website can be found here.

One sentence on why she's running (excerpted from her campaign website):

"I'm running for alderman of the 43rd Ward because this neighborhood deserves better. Lincoln Park, Old Town and the Gold Coast need a proven leader who will protect what is best about our communities and prepare for the future."

[Same note to the Smith campaign -- please put your campaign photo in the gallery for media use.]

Peter Zelchenko

Peter Zelchenko is a technology and design expert and community activist.

You can find his campaign website here. He also writes a blog about the ward. You can find it here.One sentence on why he's running (excerpted from his website):

"If I want to prove anything, it will be to use Lincoln Park's better nature to set an example. To develop a mission with those generous ones among us who believe we can do much, much better. "

[Note to Zelchenko campaign, please make a photo available for media use on your site that is not tied to the masthead.]

Stay tuned, everyone, this is going to be a good one!

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mj said...

Bye Bye Vi!

chris said...

i agree about alderman daley
she's great for large organizations that contribute and scratch her back, but what happened to looking out for the little guy
i live right by bissel and webster and there is a new restaurant that has been trying to get a liquor license for over a year
the poor owner is struggling, and despite an overwhelming majority of neighbors supporting this, she refuses to issue the lisence
so much for democracy and listening to your constituents
great for the machine, bad for you and me

Anonymous said...

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. As a resident/homeowner that lives within 100 ft of this giant wannabe sports bar, I attended the mtgs with my neighbors who adamantly opposed this liquor license. We're grateful that Ald Daley listened to us and represented our objections, and didn't support the powerful political/money interests behind this "restaurant". Any supporters for this place must be the DePaul crowd getting crammed out of McGees.

chris said...

sad to see what happened to democracy in the 43rd ward
get your facts straight anonymous

over 100 people living within 250 feet of that place signed a petition to go forward and support this place and there are currently 22 against

not too democratic and the alderman could care less about the majority in this case

R. Friedman said...

It doesn't necessarily matter if you're for or against this one place. We all need to focus on the Alderman's big picture and their future plans for the entire ward. All candidates running have good things going for them. Overall, I believe it's a tough race. Chris, FYI, I too live less than one block from this establishment and have been to the community meetings. Your are correct that the majority, including my wife and I, support this restaurant. Furthermore, they already have their license. They are just doing Vi Daley a favor and waiting until after the election to announce it. Don't make your decisions solely on this one place, they will do fine. Vote for the candidate that will do the most for all of us, the residents and the local businesses.

Anonymous said...

r. friedman,
If what you say is true, then Vi Daley is covering up an issue/decision until after the election. Typical, spineless, speechless Vi Daley.