Saturday, February 03, 2007

Built Chicago, YoChicago: The Web Catches up to the the City

Interesting and Helpful pointed out a new website called Built Chicago. Their tag line is "A site dedicated to architecture, planning, and real estate in Chicago."

They join the well-established YoChicago, "A Fresh Look at Chicago's Homes, Apartments, and Neighborhoods" in talking about all things Chicago built.

I'd say in general that YoChicago seems to enjoy Chicago's new buildings, transactions and non-stop change (the good and the bad) while Built Chicago seems to monitor the details, large and small, with an appreciation for the overlooked and forgotten. (Like the post featuring this photo of the Cook County Hospital taken by an "urban explorer.")

Any true Chicagoan has had the conversation where they explain to out-of-staters why they live here and not say California or New York City. You already know how that tired justification goes, so I'll say this instead:

The two most remarkable resources we have in our daily lives are our built environment and our lake. They are wonders. True Chicagoans love them both for as many reasons as there are south siders. I hope Yo and Built spur more sites just like them and help us dig deeper into the rich environment of our lives.

And, while you're adding them to your links or GoogleReader (if you haven't already), add one more: Chicago Wilderness.

Then, your Chicago Appreciation In-Box will be truly full.


Anonymous said...

YoChicago is run by New Homes magazine. Of course they like change and churn generated by new buildings. Basically a mouthpiece for real estate agents.

Anonymous said...

What real estate agents have discovered is that the unlivability of historic districts generates lots of churn. They are among the boosters of landmarking.

Anonymous said...

what is unlivable are the unsold, overpriced
and underthought cookiecutter condos and
artless McMansion Flops that glut the market....
Real Estate Agents, whether or not they
support Landmarking, are stuck trying to sell
them to naive, mostly younger buyers
that read YoChicago. They have not yet bought
into the neighborhood as well as a buiilding and understand they need to protect their investment
from overdevelopment.

Anonymous said...

Good point. What these youngsters should do is buy the biggest new mansion around, and then fight to down zone their next door neighbor to insure that their new investment remains the biggest around.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the first five posts on YoChicago's front page today, I see one post noting that a large condo / retail development planned for the Near North Side will amplify the already "ugly" congestion in the area, and a second post quoting critics of Burt Natarus, saying developers' donations have compromised him, and another poking fun at the "heavy metal kitchen" in a unit listed by Metro Pro Real Estate brokerage.

A mouthpiece for real estate agents?