Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chicago Recycling Coalition Says Stop Using the Blue Bag

In a surprising move in the ongoing effort to improve the city's woeful recycling program, the Chicago Recycling Coalition has begun advising citizens to stop using the blue bags.

"Stop using the blue bag," their January 2007 newsletter, What Goes Around, advises. "Never worked, still doesn't."

"Start using one of the many city and private drop-off sites for recycling, although it may mean finding a friend with a car."

"If you're lucky enough to get a blue cart in 2007, use it -- and encourage your friends and neighbors to recycle, too! If not, contact your alderman to ask that the program expand quickly citywide."

The Coalition is clearly trying to create a tipping point to their already building momentum to oust the blue bags in favor of a source-separated alternative.

I suspect only the most die-hard recyclers will heed their words to drive their recycling to the nearest facility, but the CRC is probably right in guessing that abandoning the blue bag immediately is a wash in its net effect on recycling.

Bring on the buckets!


Kathleen said...

You rock, Jennifer. Thanks for the info. Of course, now I don't know what to do with the box I just bought. Perhaps slipcovers?


Jennifer said...

No, you do. Thanks for stopping by, KMZer.