Monday, January 08, 2007

Alderman "Creates Some Shit" and Gets Arrested on Bribery Charges

Bad day for 20th Ward Alderman Arenda Troutman. The Feds have knocked and it doesn't look good.

Here's a representative snip from the affidavit off the Trib's website. (Note: The Trib marked the affidavit with the warning "Offensive Language.")

TROUTMAN responded, "Tell him [the investor] this is what I want out of it. Now you don't say that." CW2 said, "Right, you just tell me." TROUTMAN continued, "I'll tell you 'cause you don't want to put me int it. . . " CW2 said, "No, no, no... " TROUTMAN continued, "Don't ever put me in any of it." Later in the conversation, TROUTMAN asked CW2 what the investor planned to build at the proposed location, and CW2 indicated that the development would be commercial and residential above the commercial space. . . .

CW2 informed TROUTMAN, "I'll see the guy tomorrow to tell him what it's gonna take, um, for the building. Give me to Thursday to order the title report on the building you want then we gotta brainstorm on how we gonna. . . gettin' it is not gonna be your problem, the financial part on paper. Do you want this (Unintelligible) or you want to keep it private?" TROUTMAN responded, "What the building?" CW2 said, "Yeah, the one on the east side of the street." TROUTMAN said, "I'll create some shit, we'll think about it."

Also, looks like Alderman Troutman is getting her monthly "Accountability Meeting" early. Look here on the "Ward 20" web page. It's the only event on the alderman's city website.

Over on her personal ward website, she states:
"Always remember that I'm your neighbor, too. This is where I am raising my own children and where they attend the Public Schools. This is where my family lives, and it is our choice. We're glad it is your choice, too!"
'Tis a shame.

The Trib reports here. Troutman's role with the city's landmarks at Lynn Becker here.

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