Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jon Hilkevitch Reflects on the UFO sighting at O'Hare

Hilkevitch discusses the story behind his story about the UFO sighting at O'Hare in the Perspective section of today's Tribune. (See previous post here.)

He said it was the single most read story in the history of the Trib's Internet presence. They're estimating it garnered more than 1 million page views.

He wrote,

"They were all dead serious about what they saw, and the accounts -- whether made from the tarmac or from 25 feet up in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 -- were consistent.

The unidentified aerial phenomenon was dark gray and shaped like a disc, it hovered in a fixed position above Concourse C of the United Airlines terminal, and it vanished with a burst of energy that cut a hole in the overcast skies. "

He concludes,

"How is it that someone smuggled a camera cell phone into a Baghdad execution chamber to chronicle the hanging of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein last month, but no one among the thousands of airport workers and travelers at O'Hare snapped a picture for the cosmic family photo album?

"The answer, along with an explanation about how the universe works, remains a mystery. We earthlings possess inquisitive minds, but we are, after all, only human."

Full text of today's story here.
Eric Zorn weighs in (claiming it's not a UFO)

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