Friday, March 02, 2007

Tim Egan: "Family News Has Put This Election in Clear Perspective"

Sad news from the Egan camp.

I received this earlier today in response to my inquiry for a post-election statement or comment. (I am in the process of e-mailing all the candidates for statements/responses should they care to share them.)

I was certainly sorry to hear this news and wish Tim and his family well. Expect to hear a statement from him on Monday.

Tim wrote,

"The aftermath has been extremely difficult for my family and not because we lost the race. We have had some devastating family news that was held back from me during the election. Strength and courage is what I respect most in life. And while the news is heartbreaking, what has happened and how my family is dealing with it is a Profile in Courage.

Understandably we are all several steps behind our usual clear communications and timely responses.

I have also stopped many of our supporters from posting blogs on your site that deal with the stupidity of Anonymous posters. Plant? Half Baked? It's astounding that people would make comments with no base and be coward enough to do so anonymously. These false accusations are a Profile in Cowardice. Trust me, I am the most easily accessible of all the candidates, I beg for the Anonymous to make themselves known and contact me directly. I would love to have one-on-one meetings that quell any ridiculous accusations. For the record I've had as many face-to-face meetings with Marty Oberman as I have with Peter O'Brien... all of which got me nowhere with the two "machines".

This very personal family news has put this election in clear perspective. At the appropriate time, I will release a statement on The Place Where We Live. It will explain who I am backing and why. Until then, tell your bloggers if they want to take cheap shots, I'm still answering 312.714.4409 and I will be glad to carve out some time to interface.



Note: DO NOT EVEN THINK of posting any comment that is not kind and considerate. I will delete you and turn the comments off.

I should add that I had his permission to share this.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

Classy act Tim.