Saturday, March 10, 2007

Egan Throws Support Behind Daley in Run-Off

ABC Channel 7 reports here that Tim Egan is backing Vi Daley in the run-off. Hmmmm.

Vi's reaction as quoted in the article:

"I met with him and I think he ran a good campaign and he has some ideas that I will be working with him on."

Opponent Michele Smith's reaction as quoted in the article:

"The overwhelming majority of the voters voted for change. They responded to our campaign because it was about the issues, about development, property taxes, waste."

No statement per Egan's site.

Egan backers, will you, too, be backing Daley in the run-off?


Jeannie said...

Yeah, I think so. But I'm hoping to hear more from Tim about why he's doing it. Then I'll decide for sure.

Anonymous said...

The channel seven news report is very interesting.
Seeing Michele versus Vi says it all. Tim Egan was
a very nice man but what issues exactly did he run
on? He never mentioned Vi Daley and Vi Daley
never mentioned him. He sent out pictures of
himself standing in front of fire engines and talked
about traffic what was he trying to do?
Look at
Listen to who has a voice for change and who
just shrugs her shoulders and says she's "looking into that." We have a choice folks. You'll never
see Mrs. Daley debate so view them together
while you can.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Tim. I found his campaign to be very positive and he is very engaging. He never said anything bad about Ald Daley so I trust his endorsement. She never said anything bad about him either that i'm aware of. And at least Tim admitted that he was new to the area and wanted to do some new things. My friends and I that supported Tim thought Michele Smith was full of her self and a real turn off. I can't imagine her with an official position or job even. I guess she was probably an agressive corporate lawyer, but why is she unemployed? Tim and Vi seem very personally interested in the neighborhood and the people. So this makes sense to me. I just hope everyone stays involved.