Thursday, March 22, 2007

43rd Ward Election Run-off: The Calm Before the Storm

Before TPWWL heads out on spring break (totally, dudes), here is the latest in the 43rd aldermanic run-off that pits incumbent Vi Daley against Michele Smith. See you in April!

  • Ms. Smith rung the bell of my home while out canvasing the neighborhood. She was kind enough to share her opinions about her positions and fill me in on the latest news from the campaign front as she sees it.

Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, my two-year old daughter, who I was holding in my arms, stuck both fingers in her ears while Ms. Smith was talking. It was like a page out of Politician Training 101. Mom was mortified. The candidate was diplomatic. The daughter thought she was very, very funny.

  • Mark your calendards now for April 9. Vi Daley and Michelle Smith will appear on Channel 11's Chicago Tonight. This is great news as I think Vi Daley did herself a real disservice by avoiding the show during the first go-round. Good for her for stepping up to the plate. This opportunity will serve the community well, and I'm guessing it will be the only opportunity for voters to see the candidate's side-by-side.

  • My new favorite high school student in the ward, Jake CP, who is Chairman and Host of Jake's Chicago Politics, has endorsed Michele Smith for alderman. Jake formerly backed Tim Egan, but did not join him when Egan threw his support to Vi Daley. He's my new favorite high school student, not because of who he's endorsing (remember, I'm truly neutral in this race), but because it's just so exciting to see someone his age get knee-deep into his local politics.

Here's the YouTube link: Enjoy.

  • Inside Lincoln Park reports that Smith received the endorsement of the IVI-IPO organization and the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago, Lodge #7

  • Meanwhile, an abbreviated version of Tim Egan's letter endorsing Vi Daley without the Bill Kurtis murder part (which I've previously posted here), arrived in the mail on Vi Daley letterhead with Egan's name on the envelope.

  • My in-box has been pretty quiet from Team Vi. Other than an invite to join her team for to march in the St. Patrick's Day, I don't have any other updates for you. Please post if you know of some.


i didn't do it! said...

RCN cable yesterday:

Vi unleashes video vitriol at Michele

Like arrows in "300"

Vicious Vi's attack ad volley flies

Tim Egan = sucker or sage?

Anonymous said...

what, you mean our lame excuse for alderman
Vi Daley has a real campaign issue, no, wait a
minute. she puts out a commerical (cue the big
bucks city hall) and all she can talk about is private
sector pension benefits decades ago?????????
Navistar slur commercial is false. Team Vi knows it
so they must be pretty worried to use this stuff.
Michele was on the side of retirees and she truly
was a leader early on in fighting for pension rights. what about Vi Daley's pension and all the corrupt, convicted or future indicted city employees? how about we talk about the pensions that WE ARE PAYING FOR CONVICTED CRIMINALS?
voters are suckers if they support this. it is time
to say bye, bye to Vi.

Anonymous said...

Tim Egan a sage.
Wise up citizens in 43. It's Time for a change.

Shelly said...

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Celia said...
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Jennifer said...

The previous comment was deleted because it was an advertisement for bongs. No joke!