Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lynn Becker: "The Farwell is Toast"

Lynn Becker reports here that the Farwell will be gutted. He writes,

"In a a dazzling display of raw political power and overwhelming self-deception, The Society for the Protection of Wealthy Developers, formerly known as the ommission on Chicago Landmarks, voted this morning to demolish the landmark Farwell Building on North Michigan and remount the surviving elements of its facade on a new structure.Voting in favor the motion were Chairman David Mosena, John Baird, Lori Healey, Lisa Willis, Ernest C. Wong, Phyllis Ellin, Christopher R. Reed and Ben Weese. The sole commissioner not to drink the Kool-Aid and voting no was Edward I. Torrez. The other commissioners kept repeating the mantra of "This is not a precedent. This is not a precedent" as if trying to convince themselves that it could actually be true."

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Anonymous said...

Chicago is now in the hands of a three year old who always gets his way-Dickie Daley. He has lots of puppets on different boards and commissions but they will do only his bidding. (I predict the board member who voted no won't get his term renewed.) I hope every non-Daley supported aldermanic candidate wins his/her run-off and then manages to avoid drinking the kool-aid the city council has been drinking for years.