Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lynn Becker: Bid Farewell to the Farwell After All?

Lynn Becker tracks the continuing saga of the stripping of the Farwell Building's landmark status in favor of a parking lot here.

It's not surprising that the win earlier this year by preservationists was tentative at best. It's back on the docket for this Thursday.

Interested citizens can attend or send an e-mail to the Deputy Commissioner as outlined below.

Unfortunately, Lynn's post was written the day before Alderman Burton Natarus was ousted by Brendan Reilly in the municipal election. Does anyone know how Reilly feels about the proposal on the Farwell?

One of TPWWL's readers forwarded the meeting scoop as such:

Please attend the meeting on Thursday or please send an email to Deputy
Commissioner, Brian Goeken at bgoeken@cityofchicago.org

Commission on Chicago Landmarks – Special Meeting Farwell Building

Thursday, March 8, 2007 9:00 a.m.

(Please be early to sign in to speak)

Cook County Commission Board Room
118 N. Clark Street, 5th Floor (East
Chicago, Illinois

Read TPWWL's coverage of the last Commission on Chicago Landmarks meeting here.

Photo borrowed from Lynn Becker's Blog, ArchitectureChicago Plus

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that Prism will replace the facade? Prism already claims that the facade is crumbling. Prism will claim that during demolition the facade was irreparably harmed. There will be no facade to paste back on, or so Prism will claim. It is far cheaper to build a replica than to remove and reinstall the real thing.