Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Dawn Clark Netsch Bean Post

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read the comments on this post on Peter Zelchenko's 43rd Ward blog before Tuesday's election, but the discussion by some of Vi Daley's campaign staff and the ward-oriented debate are still of note.


Anonymous said...

Who does Peter support now? These 2 are something else, Daley works for Mayor and all these community groups. Smith works for the Oberman and the Unions, neither one represents 43rd. What's the rules on a write-in?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, last time I checked community groups
are comprised of people who live in the Ward.
11:51 if you live in 43 get involved. Put
something positive out there. These two candidates represent an excellent choice. Both
are honest and serious. I think we should be
grateful for the number of quality people who
ran. I myself am sticking with the Alderman.
I don't want us to lose seniority on committees
with a freshman rep. And I don't want to see
us lose time while Michelle learns the ropes.
She is a complete novice. We have pressing issues.
I do hope Michelle stays involved along with Peter,
Rachel and Tim. You can be sure that our
Alderman has been greatly influenced by
the primary and the dissatisfation expressed by
voters. It has been a move forward. Here is
the lesson for all of us -get involved.

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a wacky idea. Why don't we just get an alderman who supports rule of law instead.

Anonymous said...

Too bad when the chance comes for positve
change it's rejected by some who favor negative and ultimately useless pouting. Suit yourself. Go ahead and grandstand.
The rest of us should get on with moving toward
something. I admire Michele as someone who
wants to do good. I trust Vi as an Alderman with
the maturity to represent a complicated Ward.
Let's just hope the debate doesn't sink into the
mud. Neither candidate deserves that and
voters are disgusted.

Anonymous said...

"Ultimately, your pouting is useless."

-Hitler to the Reichstag, Berlin, 1933

Anonymous said...

"Gosh, people come and go so quickly

-Dorothy to ToTo, Oz, 1948

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