Thursday, March 08, 2007

Press 1 if you Plan to Vote for Vi Daley. (So we can hit you up for some form of support and maybe ignore you.)

Press 2 if you plan to vote for Michele Smith. (So we can write you off.)
Press 3 if you are undecided. (So we can work on you.)
Press 4 if you are not planning to vote in the election. (So we can ignore you.)

When "the machine" quite literally called today, the robo voice identified herself as being with Vi's campaign. After I pressed 3, I was disconnected. No smoozy "Goodbye" or "Thank you." Just a genuine click.

This can't be that effective for them, can it? Really, what are they going to do with information if it's not what I've described above? There are two registered voters in our household. How do they know who they're talking to? How do they know six-year olds aren't responding?


Craig Gernhardt said...

I'm surprised two men in black suits didn't knock on your door right after the hang-up.

Kuz said...

If you like SpongeBob, press 5. For Dora the Explorer, press 6.