Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vi Daley's Campaign Responds to Post on Big Box Vote

Earlier this week, I posted about how I had no idea why Vi voted the way she did on the Big Box store ordinance. (See post here.) It was an example I used to make a larger point about my frustration with her communications with the ward.

Her campaign manager, Tom Bowen, was kind enough to e-mail me promptly with her rationale for the vote. He said, "All you had to do was ask."

This reponse, I think, kind of drives home my point about the alderman putting the onus on the constituents to keep abreast of what's going on in the ward. That attitude surprises me. After all, who is working for whom?

Furthermore, here's Vi's statement on her vote, taken from her written response to the IVI-IPO questionnaire:

I voted against it both times in the City Council. I agonized about this decision and, in the end, I was not dissuaded of my belief that some areas are in desperate need of such developments and services. If this ordinance would have prevented new jobs from coming to the South and West Sides, then I do not feel it’s my prerogative to vote against the interests of people I do not represent. As to the residents of the 43rd, many in the business community make a very persuasive argument when they argue that it is unfair to discriminate against a business simply based on size, a legislative flaw in the ordinance.

I abhor the practices that some of these companies employ to lower their costs; however, I believe the regulations we put in place to address this matter must apply equally to all businesses. The minimum wage increase was a good first step and we have many more to make. We should also concentrate on bringing in good corporate community members and businesses that follow good labor practices and use them as models for the kind of businesses we want in Chicago. And finally, I support increases in the minimum wage for all workers so that everybody benefits from such an increase.

Okay, so that seems pretty rational and thoughtfully considered. Why doesn't she broadcast her stance on her votes more widely? It would help her enormously.

This every-candidate's-armchair-campaign manager is completely stumped.


Kuz said...

My guess why aldermen don't broadcast their votes and rationales is because so much of their jobs are executive: running the services for the ward. Meaningful legislation is so rare for them that they just don't treat it with the same attention and priority that members of Congress do.

Anonymous said...

FORMALLY an alderman is a legislator. INFORMALLY they are a liason to city services. Aldermen are not executives. All they want is to be kings of their wards, and inattention to their real job is an obvious problem. Ask Vi Daley, where was she when cost overruns were approved for every public works project? Where was she when the hired truck money was flyng out the window? Where was she when budgets in deficit became the norm?

Anonymous said...

How can citizens ask about what they don't know
about? Zoning changes are kept secret and
last minute, McMansions go up under the radar one at a time with no forethought. Now the newest disaster: Blackhawk, Sheffield, Marcey - that area all south of North Avenue.
I read today in the Tribune
that the city approved a six story private school and office bldg....I think it required a zoning change.
Whole Foods is building a store triple
the size of the one they have now and there
is a gigantic double tower condo city being built
on the Expo site. Has anyone done a traffic study?
Where are the public hearings? Vi Daley does
City Halls bidding . We may as well not even
have an Alderman. Send a clear message
on February 27th...force her into a runoff and
some accountability.
Let her know that voters in WARD 43 deserve representation. Vote for Michele Smith.

Anonymous said...

The area just mentioned is not even IN the 43rd Ward. Get it together here folks.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been? The city lost a court case and the high-rise gets to go up. This all goes back to when the area was re-zoned. maybe if you lived here longer you would know what was happening....