Wednesday, February 07, 2007

43rd ward Aldermanic candidate Michele Smith Comments on TPWWL

Michelle Smith, candidate for 43rd ward alderman, stopped by TPWWL the other day and made this comment on one of my posts:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for the nice comment about Melissa. Melissa is working hard, along with many others, to get the word out about my campaign. I'm proud that Melissa made a good impression - one of the reasons I'm running is because I believe that representatives of the alderman's office should be helpful and welcoming to constituents.

I also agree with your post concerning the lack of transparency of the alderman's activities. I hope you find that my website,, tells you where I stand on the issues facing our ward - and I'm committed to having a customer-focused, open aldermanic office.

I think the best way to decide how to vote is to compare the candidates by attending one of our upcoming candidate forums -

Feb. 8 - Peggy Notebart Museum

Feb. 12 - LIVE Radio Broadcast, Chicago History Museum (I believe you need to show up at 8 am or 8:30 am)

Feb. 15 - Church of Our Savior

Feb. 22 - Chicago Tonight, WTTW

Details are on my website. Feel free to call my office at 312-643-1511 anytime. Michele Smith 312-643-1511

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