Wednesday, February 14, 2007

43rd Ward Election Continues, but Hey Mon, Gone for President's Day Weekend

Never again, we said to ourselves last year, would we endure a Chicago winter without leaving for warmer weather at least once.

That little promise is paying off big time right about now.

See you next Tuesday. We're heading to Jamaica.

In the meantime, a very fine reverand e-mailed to remind me that tomorrow, Thursday, February 15 is the next 43rd Ward Aldermanic Candidate Forum.

Here are the details. Be sure to share your feedback in the comments section about how it goes.

Thursday, February 15, 7:00-8:45 pm
Church of our Savior, 530 W. Fullerton
Doors open at 6:30, and the forum will run from 7 pm - 8:45 pm.
All five candidates have been invited to this event.


The traffic on this site is way up now that we're closing in on voting day. Here are the websites for the five candidates for alderman for your reference.

Vi Daley

Tim Egan

Rachel Goodstein

Michele Smith

Peter Zelchenko

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day. You make me feel like a sweepstakes winner.


baffled voter said...

Tim Egan's website displays a CPD sergeant's badge as an endorsement. Does this mean the Chicago Police Department has endorsed him? Is it ethical/legal to use the official City of Chicago seal in this manner? Does anyone know? Thanks for providing this forum.

Tom Bowen said...

We're all jealous Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bowen I'm glad you're spending your time on this blog instead of campaigning for your boss. Heard your boss is the chickenshit not going to the church debate. I hope your unemployment check is enough to get you to Jamaica.

Tom Bowen said...

Actually anon, I can walk and chew and gum at the same time. Work and mess w/ disgruntled shadow posters like you. Plus, I think I'm doing a public service by paying attention to you. My guess is you don't get a lot of that.

Unlike the rest of our opponents who have no support in this community, we have a schedule of events that have long been in place and we're keeping our commitments.

I'll be there tonight though, so come ask me some questions! Oh that's right, you won't show your face.

One more thing for you close campaign watchers. No IVI endorsement for you Michele!!! Nyagh, nyagh, nyagh, nyagh, nyagh. Guess Marty couldn't work his magic this time.

Anonymous said...

I was at forum. Daley didn't show. I'm sure she was afraid of all the social action issues which don't link with 43rd ward. Well this was Peter Zelchenko's audience. So go Peter with your suitcase!

Anonymous said...

Vi Daley came up through community groups, worked for a former alderman and, in the time she has held the job, has looked out for the interest of her community. Daley is endorsed.--Chicago Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Earlier this week I read another article in the paper of Vi Daley thrashing Michelle Smith, and then recieved a mailing of Michelle Smiths thrashing Vi Daley. I am not positive as to what I am trying to say here, but I know that I am tired of the hatefull political game that goes around. That is why I am behind Tim Egan, through all of the debates and information that is mailed to me there is no hateful message. His message is only positive and I believe that is a plus for a leader. It is easy to point out everyones short comings, but to be above the thrashing and attacks in a political campaign to me says a lot about the person Tim Egan is and could be as the alderman of the 43rd Ward.

Anonymous said...

Baffled Voter -

It is not illegal or wrong as far as what Tim Egan did, the police department did endorse Tim Egan.

He is running for alderman in the city of Chicago, to not use the seal would be offensive to me, I am very proud of Chicago and where I live and I would not take any candidate seriously if they did not endorse themselves the city of Chicago

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's how it plays out:
Egan & Daley split the Irish vote,
Smith & Goodstein split the Jewish vote,
Zelchenko cleans up the rest...& wins!

Anonymous said...

Are there that many communists in the 43rd ward?

Anonymous said...

There certainly are in the Lakeview Action Coalition, but not sure how many of them live in the 43rd Ward or even Lakeview.

curious would-be voter said...

Does anyone know when Tim Egan actually began to live in the 43rd Ward? i.e. moved into his own apartment or house, received residential utility/phone service, titled & registered a vehicle here, etc. Nothing about this on his website, I believe.

Anonymous said...

I think he was put into the ward when Vi did and the other alderman did the re-zoning five or six years ago.

curious would-be voter said...


Thank you for the info.

Anyone know about his campaign contributors: local residents or the bar & real estate bunch like Vi & Burt?

Anonymous said...

Mostly local residents, a few bars, but mostly residents

I am sorry though I forgot where you can look it up, there is a website I came across I will try and find it for you.

curious would-be voter said...

No problem, I found the financial disclosure statement summaries at:

Anonymous said...

Tim has lived inthe Ward for over Four years with his wife Marlena and two sons.

Michele Smith moved in the Ward TWO DAYS before she filed to run..she also lies publially and when confronted in person with a tough questions, she just shuts down and walks away.

I think we need positve people for the Ward. My bet is on Egan and what I have heard of him---he'll be a stand up guy who leads.

Anonymous said...

Vi Daley has been and will continue top be one of the best alderman in this great city. She listens and cares about everything that matters. She is passionate, understanding and focused on the issues facing this ward and it is a no-brainer to make sure she is elected to make this ward even better. There is no need to mention her competition because they are puppets for a union trying to get city council seats. Vote for your ward--which means vote for a person who cars not someone who is told to care. VI Daley for alderman and a better tommorrow.