Monday, February 26, 2007

43rd Ward Lincoln Park Aldermanic Race: Voting Crib Sheet

Okay, so you've either been paying attention to this race or it's completely gone over your head. (And, it's hard to blame you for that, really.) Maybe you've noticed a boatload of junk mail and a few robo calls from da mayor lately.

So, whadda you do tomorrow, election day? Well, you've got to vote. Here are your 43rd ward choices for alderman and their accompanying websites:

Vi Daley-Incumbent
Tim Egan
Rachel Goodstein
Michele Smith
Peter Zelchenko

As I mentioned when I first started blogging about this race, I am not endorsing any candidate, so you'll have to do a little digging and deciding for yourselves.

Consider reading through all the posts featured on this blog over the past four weeks about the candidates here.

Many of the posts include some raucous comments from your fellow Interneteers and several of the candidates themselves have been generous enough to chime in, too.

Enjoy, good luck, and V-O-T-E.


Poll Dancer said...

Check your polling place here:

If you are a candidate, these are your polling places:

Rachel - Northerly Island

Tim - nearest fire station, and you can push the siren button

Michele - somewhere around here, I think

Peter - the Matrix

Vi - any beer distributor or contractor's truck illegally blocking a bus stop

Tom Bowen said...


One of the funniest things I've read during the entire race.


Poll Dancer said...


Thanks, I'll print that out to show my kids when they say that the old Al Gore was funnier than I'll ever be. Glad to lighten your day.

And, just so they don't feel neglected, registered Republicans should remember that their VIP polling place is at Augustana Hospital.


Anonymous said...

Post Election-

Peter - Wise Fools Pub
Rachel - Chopping Block (to be bulldozed)
Tim -Nookies (any location, any Ward)
Michele -Karyns (raw and unpalatable)
Ald. Daley -Barleycorn (reliable local fare)

Anonymous said...

Very cute but full disclosure is required.

Barleycorn (great burgers) is, of course, a Vi Daley contributor.

the city of big shoulders and mutually washed hands. Gotta love it!