Monday, January 02, 2006

We Have Shopping so You Have Something to Do on Your Visit

I just got the Official Springfield 2006 Visitors (sic) Guide.

Although I long ago accepted that huge factions of America were so enamored with shopping that they considered it the primary raison d'etre and that tourist bureaus would play along like everyone else, I was not prepared for the term "Shopportunities." But there it was tucked in the guide on page 39 right after Off-Track Betting and Skating. (Go figure on their alphabetization.)

No doubt the term will be sprouting up soon at a media outlet near you. Yuck. At least you've been warned.


Michael Allen said...

Perhaps the term is slightly less obnoxious considering how untrendy Springfield is. Many of the "shopportunities" there might actually involve worthy goods. Then again, the phrase is so horrible it may make Springfield seem like a place without real local charm.

Either way, the inventor of the word is a jerk.

Jennifer said...

How long would you recommend planning to stay for a trip to Springfield? Can it be done in a day? Overnighter? Longer? I suppose the summer offers more to do. . .