Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pilgrim Church Update

The Trib ran a photo of the Pilgrim MB Church that burnt down earlier this week today. It showed the front archway/entrance and you can see through the gutted interior all the way to the outside in back of the church. The fire seems to have gutted the place.

The Trib quotes architect John Vinci, who led a renovation about a decade ago. The Trib reached him after Vinci had a chance to see the burnt out church. "I was so impressed by how beautiful those stone walls looked," Vinci was quoted as saying."It looked like a building in construction." He sure sounded like a glass-half-full kind of guy.

Eric Zorn, in his blog, blasts the governor for pandering to African-American voters by offering $1 mil to rebuild. Zorn cites a little known clause in the law that says something or other about "separation of church and state." (And we thought just Republicans blew that one off.)

Meanwhile, the Chicago Defender, the city's historic African-American newspaper, filed their story on the fire yesterday. With a congregation of just 300 members, the renaissance of this landmark church and neighborhood backbone has a lot of hurdles in front of it. Even if the glass is half full.

(Please note that the church lost its archives and is seeking any coverage that anyone might have on the building's history. See the Defender article for contact information.)

Photo source is the Chicago Defender.

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