Saturday, January 28, 2006

Housekeeping: RSS & Atom Feeders Up

Finally. Really Simple Syndication and Atom feeder. HellifIunderstand what these feeds do fully, but they're all the rage. I needed to have one. Now I do. Please enjoy as you see fit. You can find the links at left, beneath the City of Chicago logo.

Thanks, Matt, for the nudge.

Thanks to Random Notes for the graphic.

Update: Didn't mean for this to sound as pissy as it does. Probably hints at my frustration at trying to figure all this techy stuff out. Note to self: no blogging before coffee.


Kuz said...

Thanks Jennifer, sorry to be a pain. But I think you'll notice increased traffic, especially from lazy readers like me.

Jennifer said...

Oh, not a pain at all. It has been on my "to do" (well, actually "figure out") list for months and then your reminder helped me finally get to it. I'm grateful for the nudge. Sorry if I came across as sounding otherwise. Again, thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure to see you!

tom said...

i've been reading from your atom feed for a few months now. it's been there for a while.

Jennifer said...

Okay, well, that explains why I thought I had turned it on because Atom feeder comes with blogger, but I thought I needed an icon, too, for it to work fully. Slowly, I'll get the hang of this stuff. It was not long ago that I didn't even know how to post a photo. . . . Thanks, Tom, for letting me know and for stopping by.