Sunday, January 22, 2006

Looper's Chicago Temple: Memories and a Little Insight

This photo was taken by Looper. It's a lovely shot of the Chicago Temple, which is a First United Methodist Church with an office building on top. I was married in the sanctuary on the first floor. My favorite wedding photo is the one of John and me standing in the Daley Plaza across the street, dwarfed by the Picasso. I like to think that on that one day, I in my white gown and he in his handsome tux, outdid the master. Ah, buildings and memories.

Anyway, back to my points: so the top floor you can see here, right below the spire, is called "The Sky Chapel." It was created with funds donated by Mrs. Walgreen's in memory of her late husband. The chapel holds about 30 people, so it's very intimate. Its centerpiece is a wood carving depicting Jesus overlooking Chicago from the top of the Temple! If I remember correctly, there is no view out of those windows. They're all stained-glass. That adds to the chapel's peacefulness.

Even more compelling is the parsonage, which is housed in the three levels just below the chapel. It must have been 15 years ago, when Gene Winkler was pastor, that John and I were invited inside this incredible home. As you'll note, there are no right angle exterior walls, and only a few (if any) on the interior.

They also have what might be the most exquisite outdoor deck in the city. It's on the left in this photo, just above the line of lights. I remember we stood outside on a summer day, twenty-five stories above the city. We marveled at how the winds gushed and held our napkins tightly to keep them from blowing away. The minister and his wife served fresh strawberries.

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