Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Burling Tree: Zoning Board Tosses Issue to Another Entity

Here's an update from Dr. Buchman (pictured at right) on Friday's zoning meeting regarding the Burling Street Tree (see previous post here):

"The zoning board, to the property owner's dismay, refused to discuss the tree and only considered the much more minor issue of the encroachment of the planned building on the sidewalk and our property. They wanted to leave the tree up to city hall and the forestry department.

I have a petition for neighbors to sign and will try to get around to do that next weekend. We are open to any ideas on how to pressure the city not to allow these trees to be cut."

Dr. Buchman may have identified an area of the city's care of nature that's fallen through the mayor's green crack, so to speak.

Who is the Chicago organization with a mission of shaping the city's policies toward the favorable care of our non-parkland trees?

Stay tuned.


Kuz said...

that's fallen through the mayor's green crack, so to speak.

Now there's a clever turn of phrase...

Jennifer said...

and I thought you'd all scroll right over it.

Michael Allen said...

Thanks for covering this issue. Trees are landmarks worthy of protection, and can gain as much cultural significance as a building. They are more fragile than buildings, and mortal. We should not treat them as simple decoration.