Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Revitalization Debuts: Free Subscriptions for those in the "Biz"

I'm pleased to announce that Revitalization magazine debuted earlier this month. It's a business-to-business venture, and this month's issue features coverage about how military communities can rebound after base closures.

The full text of the article I contributed, Military Makeover, is available online here, but, truthfully, the entire magazine looks a lot nicer in print.

Free subscriptions are available to those involved in all aspects of revitalization efforts here. (Planning students, I encourage you to register, too. Just write "planning student" in the blanks. Also, sorry, domestic subscriptions only.)

Other feature stories include coverage of the restoration of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, an overview of sustainable principles in downtown redevelopments, an update on federal stormwater rules, and much more.

The magazine is published in conjunction with the Revitalization Institute, whose mission is to "advance integrated approaches to community revitalization and natural resource restoration."

My involvement has extended only to writing the article, so imagine how pleased I was when the first issue arrived in my mailbox with the words "Sustainable Development, Defending Open Spaces, Grounded in History" printed across the front cover. It made me want to smash a bottle of champagne all over it.

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