Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cabrini-Green: The Plan for Transformation Continues

This is all that's left of the Cabrini-Green Building at the northeast corner of Halsted & Division.

This photo was taken this morning. There are two buildings that sit on that street corner. This is the one that faced Division and must have had spectacular views of downtown.

See related post here for more about the Chicago Housing Authority and its "Plan for Transformation."


Kuz said...

That sight is on my bus route, and I swear, it took me three looks to figure out why the walls were different colors. Those are the insides of people's apartments.

Jennifer said...

I found myself thinking about that, too, and was struck by how no one seemed to choose the same color and that they were all solid color as opposed to maybe wall-paper or some kind of pattern. My guess is that a can of paint was the most affordable route. At the very least, it's a very anti-concrete statement.

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