Monday, February 13, 2006

The New Apollo Energy Act: We can send a man to the moon. . .

Sooo many worthy topics. So little time. I'll make this quick.

Tonight I sat in on the Progressive Government's Backbone Cabinet conference call. (Anyone can. Just visit the link.)

They featured Congressman Jay Inslee from Washington state. He is the sponsor of House Resolution 2828 aka the New Apollo Energy Act.

"The ice is breaking," he said in tonight's call about attitudes in DC toward our resistance to weaning ourselves from fossil fuels. Inslee has been slowly building a bi-partisan consensus about this sweeping bill that he admits is not as far forward as some on the left would like.
"I'm trying to build a broad-based coalition, not write a fiction."

Oh, he was good! Optimistic. Not at all snarky (but, um, skeptical) when talking about Bush's "addiction to oil" statement. Lots of obviously right-thing-to-do choices in the bill (fuel efficiency, clean energy jobs through research investment, reducing emissions, etc.) Plus, he had all the image-filled language down (note the bill's name) to make me think he's got a chance to pull it off.

Here' s another Inslee quote (from an interview in Grist magazine). May it leave you smiling in the knowledge that good folks are trying to turn this misunderestimated boat around before the sun melts us all to death.

"This clean-energy vision . . . is based on optimism rather than self-doubt, on new technologies rather than archaic methods, and on faith in Americans' innovative talent rather than capitulation to narrow special interests."

Have a nice day.

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