Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What would happen if you used a parking space for a party instead of a car?

That was the premise behind artist (and my friend) Jenny Roberts'event. She "rented" two spaces on Kedzie, just north of the Merchandise Mart last Friday afternoon for happy hour.

Most of us wore cocktail attire and mingled amidst the asphalt. Except for a chillier-than-expected wind, it was a lovely affair that turned a few heads. If not immediately obvious to those passing by, it made perfect sense to us: Why not plunge our quarters into parking meters and use the spaces for something entirely new?

The Tribune's Tempo section story here. See my previous post on another piece of Jenny's here.


John said...

Looks like it's catching on.

DilettanteVentures said...

Thanks for the citation in your Claire Bishop interview. Thought you might be interested in this use of a parking space.