Thursday, May 11, 2006

University Village: What we got in exchange for the demise of Maxwell Street

Above is a photo of University Village near the University of Illinois-Chicago campus. It was taken by TPWWL reader Steve Vance.

As you may recall, this was built where the historic Maxwell Street Market used to sit. Maxwell Street's demise is a long story, but it was, in a nutshell, mayor-driven.

The Tribune ran an article on May 4 (link here) about how current neighborhood boundaries are shifting along with property values. The article quotes a lifelong resident who laments the arrival of the "Village." She said,

"I can't remember the name of the condo devleopment, but it's something completely ridiculous. South Water Market has such an incredible history,
and it's Chicago. It seems like they're trying to completely rewrite

Visit Steve's full photo tour of the village here. (Thanks, Steve!)

Link to Maxwell Street Heritage Site here.

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Pete said...

Rewrite history or, more likely, deny that it ever existed.