Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sign of a Back Alley Time: Belmont Lounge

It may be Gunther Murphy's Irish Pub in the front (link here), but it's still the Belmont Lounge from the back. I love that the owners haven't torn this sign down.

You can get a great view of it by driving west on the 1600 block of Melrose, just past Lincoln Avenue. It overlooks an alley and the Lincoln-Belmont Library (where I'm blogging from live! right now.) Enjoy it while it lasts.


Pete said...

I used to avidly photograph signs like this all over the North Side. Can't believe I missed this one!

Jennifer said...

Do you have a site somewhere with the photos that we can go see. I'd love to take a look. If so, please post here or e-mail me the link at Thanks for stopping by.