Saturday, May 13, 2006

Reviewing Chicago's Bike Plan 2015 - (It lacks mandatory banana seats, fyi)

Apparently, the fine folks over at Bicycle Magazine (link here) love us. We've consistently ranked near the top of the charts when they've doled out urban biking kudos.

In their March 2006 issue, they named us the second best city in the country for biking, and they were mark on with their city description and biking suggestions. (Although, I prefer the smaller-scale, personal service over at Kozy's Cyclery above the giant, chaotic scene of Village Cycle.) Here's what they said:

"Why Chicago?: Its stated goal is to be the most bike-friendly city in the U.S. and by 2015 it likely will be; Millennium Park Bike Station; 2004 BikeTown

Must-ride: Lakefront Bike Path
Cool event: Bike the Drive;
Hangout: The Handlebar;
Local info: Chicago Cycling Club;
Bike Shop: Village Cycle Center;

With a city leadership dedicated to cycling (including Mayor Richard Daley Jr., roadie), a remarkable network of bike lanes and racks, and an ambitious plan called Bike 2015 to add even more, Chicago's love of biking will soon outshine its drawbacks-dense traffic, bitter winters and ho-hum rec riding near the city."

Ho-hum? Fair enough. The rest of the article is here. San Diego was number one. Our Bike 2015 Plan (that I never knew we had) can be found here.

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