Monday, April 16, 2007

Who has the edge? Vi or Michele?

The campaigning is fast and furious. E-mails from Tim Egan. Post-it notes on my front yard gate from Vi Daley. Neighbors from Old Town mailing on behalf of Michele Smith.

Are you planning on voting tomorrow?

I am one of those people who shows up at just about every election no matter what. I believed all that stuff in elementary school about how other countries wished they had a right to vote like we do so we should take advantage of it. I like thinking about all the women who fought so hard for my right to vote less than a century ago. Who am I not to turn out after they worked so hard and endured so much?

I'm wondering if the day will favor Vi and the status quo or will Michele supporters be more motivated to show up at the polls?

What will be will be. Can't wait to see.

UPDATE: Here is a timeline of women's suffrage in the U.S., which should be spelled sufferage, shouldn't it? It took 144 years for women to get the right to vote. Now, are you telling me, ladies, that you're too busy to get out tomorrow and vote for one of two female candidates just 77 years later? I sure as heck hope not.


Anonymous said...

Voted this morning before the mail arrived. Did the anti-Daley thing, which will be counted as a pro-Smith thing even before I received the mailer with the photos of VI and Richie together. Nothing quite says I 'm a yes man for the Mayor like having your last piece of campaign literature feature DA King of Korruption. I hope the 43rd ward shows the machine the door today. And maybe in four years we will have even better candidates to chose from than Vi and Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I too hope we actually have a REAL choice in four years. But since that wasn't the case in the runoff election, I begrudgingly voted for Vi Daley.

I was undecided until their appearance on Chicago Tonight. As bad as Vi was, Smith was worse. She was heavy on negativity and accusation, but even lighter than Daley on substance. If I was aware of all the "backroom" deals she claims have gone on in the 43rd from reading various media and simply talking to my neighbors, shouldn't a candidate promising real reform be too?

Let's hope an informed candidate with real ideas who is engaged in neighborhood issues (and actually votes)comes forward in 2011.