Thursday, April 26, 2007

Are the Cicadas the Y2K story of the Year?

I'm already tired of hearing about the cicadas.

I can't help but wonder if it's going to be a big nothing like Y2K was. You know, with global warming and all that. It's entirely possible the cicadas won't know to come out this year.

The Trib adores the story. This morning's front page features an article by an oh-gosh bride who had envisioned a ceremony outside. But, oh yuck. "Can you imagine yelling your vows (over the sound of the bugs), waiting for something to land in your hair?" she states. "It's just so gross!"

Then there's the Trib's sentence that tries to justify the article: "Cicadas don't bite or carry diseases, but they're probably not the most welcome wedding guests."

Yup, at best it will be pretty remarkable and at worst mildly annoying.

Hold tight. One way or another this, too, shall pass. They're predicting by early July.

(Go here to hear what the cicadas may sound like. I must say, it's a bit startling to think it will be the soundtrack of this summer. Glad I heard it now. Sounds and photo courtesy of Professor Janet Stein Carter at the University of Cincinnati - Claremont College.)

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