Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back Online: More on Vi

You guys rock. Thanks for all the comments blazing on my previous post while I took some more down time.

Just a few more comments on Vi's re-election and what you've posted:

- I wrote that people re-elected Vi due to her leadership and experience. I really don't know that. I was just giving her the benefit of the doubt. A more accurate statement would have been that voters decided to keep her rather than fire her. The reasons are probably as numerous as the voters.

- I do hope Vi Daley will step up her engagement communication with the community and find some innovative ways to do that. I recommend she set up a blog like my virtual friend The Blogging Mayor of Round Lake aka Bill Gentes. (His blog, by the way, turns 2 today! Happy blogirthday, Bill!)

He uses his blog to keep his constituents up to date about road closings, police promotions, non-profits, election results, local merchants, and lots of other news big and small. His blog is a great example of leadership, community engagement, and how to share civic knowledge. He's even been invited to lecture on building community through blogging.

Just something for the folks over at Vi's to begin thinking about. And, don't forget a comments section!

-I think one of the things that surprised me the most about the 43rd ward aldermanic race was how much the word "puppet" got thrown around. Say what you will about any of the candidates, but I find the puppet idea just so implausible. Ridiculously beholden to someone on certain issues? Influenced unduly by others? That I buy.

-Thank you very much to Rachel Goodstein and others for their kind comments about the blog.

-Finally, regarding our house search. It is true that most of the single family homes in our price range and with the features we are seeking are not located in Lincoln Park. But, I want to be absolutely clear that I am not throwing myself a pity party.

I am deeply grateful for and more than satisfied by our budget. I by no means want to suggest otherwise. I am sorry, though, to possibly be leaving Lincoln Park. We've been very happy here. I'm hopeful we won't end up going very far.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer don't leave us.
43 needs you. 32 is back on track.
Wait for the foreclosures and get a bargain.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I'm not impressed w/ the conversation on your blog world. While your intent to inspire conversation seems admirable, this petty scurilous and cowardly (anonymous) bickering is rather tiring and disappointing given the high esteem this community seems to enjoy. I find it just amazing that Ald Daley governs this ward with such a rational and sensitive demeanor given the tenor of her constituents.

Jennifer said...

To Anonymous 7:02 - thank you very much.

To Anonymous 12:30 p.m. - thank you very much for stopping by. The blog is what it is.

As long as comments are within certain boundaries of propriety and relevance, I don't delete them. (I did delete the person who advertised her bong website, but I thought about it for a day or two. Had she been located in Lincoln Park, I may not have.)

You're welcome to stick around and tell the other commenters (and me) how you see it or you may have already decided never to return again. The latter would be a shame, though, because, obviously, you have a point of view you aren't seeing represented here. Suit yourself.

Anonymous said...

Right on Jennifer. That's why I love this blog.

Jennifer said...

Aw ~ shucks.

Anonymous said...

---"While your intent to inspire conversation seems admirable, this petty scurilous and cowardly (anonymous) bickering is rather tiring and disappointing given the high esteem this community seems to enjoy."---

You would think somebody that says something like this wouldn't remain anonymous in hopes that Vi Daley would shower him with praise.

Oh yeah, all this bickering is what democracy is all about. You're living in your perfect little house in your perfect little neighborhood with your perfect little alderman. Get a clue. The world doesn't start and stop with the 43rd Ward. Sure its a wonderful place to live, but it could be better. We need an alderman who really cares about EVERYBODY. I've heard numerous people say they were blackballed from certain community groups. Mostly because of certain development issues.

Anonymous said...

I've not heard any of what you claim.
Where's the proof? Exactly how were people
blackballed? Exactly which issues? Who?
When? Sorry, what is transparent are your tactics
of rumor.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me that brought it up, but I can verify that the Old Town Triangle Association has a history of blackballing people in significant numbers.