Monday, April 24, 2006

Tonight at 925 West Diversey at 5:30 p.m.: Request-a-Hymn - Bell Towers as Participants of Place

~You're invited~

What’s up with this?
It’s an art project. Specifically, it’s called “Request-a-Hymn: Bell Towers as Participants of Place.”

How do I participate?
Right now, you can choose any one of 2,000 hymns, chimes, tolls, or swinging bell sounds to be played from the bell tower while you wait. You can listen here on the street or you can come up and see the stereo system that’s in the bell tower. Or, you could do both.
We’d love it if you would record your name and any comments, so we can document the project. But, there’s no need to do so.

Who’s Behind It?
Local writer Jennifer Roche submitted the project as part of the Version >06 Art Festival sponsored by Lumpen Magazine. The festival takes place in the city between now and May 6. You can find more online at Also, you can visit Jennifer’s blog at

Why do this?
Like sirens and honking cars, church bells are part of our city’s soundscape. This project is trying to explore how this bell tower, and by extension other bell towers, contribute to our sense of a neighborhood’s character.
I’m hoping that by my inviting you to interact with this building today, you’ll gain a richer sense of this particular place in our corner of the world. Enjoy.
Jennifer Roche would like to thank the following people for their warm support and help in realizing this project:

Pastor Trey Hall and the Congregation of Holy Covenant United Methodist Church
The fine folks at Lumpen Magazine (
Matt & Cindy Kuzma
Paul Palmateer
Jenny Roberts
And my husband, John Svolos
The fine print:

Obviously, this project is not about proselytizing. Any spiritual epiphanies you experience during your visit are yours to discover, not mine to force. However, I hope it’s evident that a church that would welcome a project like this probably really does work hard to sustain open minds and open hearts as they’ve advertised. All are welcome here. That means you. Our services are on Sunday mornings at 10:30. Come back if you’d like.

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