Friday, April 07, 2006

CTA Switches Tracks: Maybe It's Not a Good Idea to Decimate Historic Armitage Brown Line Station

According to Alderman Vi Daley's office and Inside Lincoln Park, the Brown Line Armitage station will retain its historical character in the upcoming, sweeping Brown Line renovation. This came after a coalition of community representatives and Alderman Daley pressured the CTA to re-think it's original, non-contextual plan for the station.

Vi Daley's office announced via press release that the improvements "include restoration of historic panels, goose-neck lights, wrought iron on Armitage and brick work colored to match neighboring buildings. " It also noted, "The Armitage Station is the only one on the Brown Line that is located within a national and local landmark district."

Inside Lincoln Park reports Alderman Daley as saying the following:

I would like to thank the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency for making themselves available on very short notice. Their attention to this proposal was essential. I would also like to recognize the residents and businesses around the Armitage Station who fought to insure that this station would retain the historic character that represents this great neighborhood.

It's always nice when there's a win like this. Nice work everyone.

Inside Lincoln Park article here.
Alderman Vi Daley's website here.


Anonymous said...

That whole thing reaks of a bogus issue that was set up by the alderman so she could pretend to be doing something. There is no way the CTA was going to ignore preservation concerns. Boy, they really put up a fight didn't they?

Anonymous said...

As someone who fought CTA for five years I can tell
you, YES, THEY DID PUT UP A FIGHT. The battle over Armitage Station was not just about architecture. It was
about keeping public bodies accountable. About
our right to direct how our tax dollars
are spent. Cynicism is easy. Getting involved in solving community issues takes effort. If you are not part of
the are most likely benefiting from
the sincere and unpaid work of countless community
volunteers. Alderman Daley heard our complaints,
got onboard and helped win a very rare victory against CTA. Sarcasm inspires little except inaction.
What is bogus is ignorance portrayed as insight.