Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Earth Day!

Happy earth day and happy spring, one and all.

Please use this special day to consider joining the important and effective efforts of the fine folks at the Environmental Law & Policy Center. If you live in the Midwest and care about the environment, these are your people. Their website is here.

Their impressive initiative to help reduce mercury pollution in Illinois by 90% by 2009 is here. (Please click through right now to lend quick, easy, and needed citizen support.)
Donations can be made here.

And, also, don't miss the Illinois Enviroblog, where ELPC's executive director, Howard Learner, along with directors of eight other key Illinois environmental groups, keep you posted on what's what with our part of the earth.

(Today's post is on how the legislature is trying to cut back on funds for open spaces.)

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