Monday, March 06, 2006

Which U.S. city has the highest concentration of Polish people? Guess again.

Happy Kasimir Pulaski Day! As any Chicago student can tell you, it's a get-out-of-school- free day courtesy of some Polish dude. (Specifically, a Polish military officer who helped fight against the British in the Revolutionary War.)

This morning, if you would have asked me which city has the highest concentration of folks with Polish ancestry, I would have said Chicago. Nope, it's Posen, Michigan.

Irish? Chicago, right? Nope, try Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Iraqi? Somewhere outside of Detroit, right? Well, pretty right, but not quite.

Thank you EPodunk for this ancestry list, which I stumbled upon earlier today. It's based on 2000 Census data.
Image courtesy of the great state of Georgia.

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