Thursday, March 02, 2006

Illinois Landmarks Council Announces Top Ten List of Most Endangered Historical Places; Preservation Chicago Adds 7 More

Gaper's Block's Andrew Huff does a nice, quickie wrap up here. It includes a link to Preservation Chicago's "7 most endangered buildings." The Landmarks Council gave the recently burned Pilgrim Baptist Church a special "11th" designation.

Image of the Campana Building in Batavia, IL. It's one of the ten places named today by the Illinois Landmarks Council to its list of Endangered Historical Places.


Steve said...

When I live at home, this is only less than one mile away. I've never been inside, but an older teacher I had in high school talked about how they used to make lip balm there.

Pete said...

My mom lives right across the street from the Campana Building, in a retirement village. You can see the building from the window of her guest bedroom. I think she'd be kind of sad to see it go.

Jennifer said...

I love how these two comments show how buildings truly affect us. Thanks Steve and Pete!