Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lincoln Park Community Organizations - What are the Benefits?

Vi Daley's run-off election seemed to reveal a lot of issues with our community's organizations. If you check in with the comments still blazing on this blog's recent "Vi Daley" post, you'll see some of it.

In my pre-election comments, I complained that I thought our community was sliced and diced into so many different groups and organizations that it didn't help foster a sense of community, build consensus, or allow us any collecctive voice or power to address situations that affect us all (e.g., zoning, Children's Memorial Hospital).

Others think the organizations lack financial transparency.

On the other hand, the community groups do contribute a lot -- the festivals, like the Sheffield Garden Walk and Old Town Art Affair, are arguably very enjoyable events with long histories and wide participation.

Here's a list of community organizations in Lincoln Park* that represent neighbors and residents.

Diversey Harbor Lakeview Assn
Gold Coast Neighbors
Lincoln Central Assocation
Near North Property Owners
Mid-North Asscociation
North Dearborn Association
Old Town Merchants & Residents
Old Town Triangle Association
Park West Community Assocation
Ranch Triangle Assocation
Sheffield Neighborhood Assn
Wrightwood Neighbors

What are the positive things and benefits these organizations bring to our community? Please comment.

Here are the ground rules of this forum:

  1. I will do a follow-up post for debating the organizations' drawbacks, so I will delete negative comments left on this post.
  2. Whenever possible, please mention the community group by name.
  3. You may be anonymous, but please choose a "handle" like "ChicagoABC" or "JohnDoe45" to post under, so we may better follow the debate among anonymous commenters.

    So, what do you really appreciate about these community organizatons?

*The only place I could find this list was on Alderman Vi Daley's website, to her credit.


43rd Ward United said...

Jennifer and 43rd Ward Residents:
I definitely look foward to the give and take from this post. Just FYI, the website for the Old Town Merchants & Residents Association is: www.oldtownchicago.org. I will track down the others for you and return.

Tim Egan

Craig Gernhardt said...

I love the old town triangle art fair. Best art (and I mean real art) fair in the city.

Anonymous said...

So, its been over a month and no one has anything positive to say about the community groups. When are you going to post a blog for the other side of the coin?