Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Artist Project: New Scenes from Chicago's Urban Landscape

I've got Band-aids on both big toes from walking the remarkable ArtChicago on Monday. What a visual feast!

The Artist Project offered independent artists a seat at this sprawling art market's table.

Many of them explored Chicago's urban and natural landscape as their subject matter. Here are two.

William Dolan
William Dolan's work is at right. The first painting is called "Blue Caprice. "The second one is titled "The Corner Revisited."

I love the way Dolan captures the edgier sides of the city with croppy, up-close compositions and vibrant colors.

You can find out more about him at his website here.

Hiroshi Ariyama
Hiroshi Ariyama is a printmaker. He displayed images from a series he's been working on called "Our City, Our Neighborhood."

This one below is called "Distant Storm." I really enjoyed the way his graphics reduced Chicago scenes to their essence. He isn't just capturing moments, he's making them seem captured and held still, sort of like postcards do.

You can find Hiroshi at the Ariyama Studio online here.

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