Monday, July 18, 2005

Lakeview Post Office WPA Mural

Just to tack on to my previous post about Chicago's WPA murals. This is one of my favorites of the murals I've seen so far. It was painted in 1938 by Henry Sternberg. The picture above is section of the mural because the full mural is so wide, my blog can't handle the photo well. Be sure to click through and see the whole thing.

It's located in the Lakeview post office at 1343 West Irving Park Road, and, as any postal customer knows, you get a lot of time to look at it. It's positioned right above the counter.

If you're ever at a Cubs day game, you should swing by and take a look. It's not far from Wrigley Field.

This photo comes courtesy of Dr. David Baldwin, who along with his wife, noted that the mural needed a restoration. They started a "Friends of the Lakeview Post Office Mural" organization and raised funds for its restoration, which was completed in late 2003. It got me thinking about what else might be accomplished if we all began identifying what we value in our neighborhood and became a "friend" of it. . .

The photo from Dr. Baldwin came via a wonderful website Be sure to poke around some more over there. They have an index of WPA mural photos indexed by state and other good stuff.

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