Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Balls, Balls, Balls: Illinois Governor Makes Reference to His, Press Bounces

A lot of ThePlaceWhereWeLive's visitors are from out of state, so let me provide a little background here:

Our governor, Rod Blagojevich, has been in a public battle with his father-in-law, powerful Chicago Alderman Dick Mell. The conflict is basically a lot of finger pointing (along with some smoke and fire) about the other's alleged corruption.

A few days ago the Guv said (as reported in the Sun-Times):

"There's a method of operation by people like him, and they've been doing it in politics for years, and they like to leverage and probe and threaten and bluster and bully until they get their way."

Mell could not be reached after the governor's comments, but an aide said he was "hot" over them.

The governor also said that Mell had conveyed "threats" to him through third parties as he was contemplating the landfill action, but wouldn't discuss a previous comment from his spokeswoman that the probe was a result of Mell's "pathological behavior. . . .

"This is the kind of thing that I think, frankly, separates the men from the boys in leadership," Blagojevich said. "Do you have the testicular virility to make a decision like that, knowing what's coming your way?"
Of course, you can't talk about testicular virility without the press going wild.

My favorite pounce is from The Daily Southtown's editorial page:
In what surely will go down in political discourse alongside Churchill's "Blood, toil, tears and sweat" and JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you" speeches, Gov. Rod "Macho, Macho Man" Blagojevich offered a candid self-assessment Monday of why Illinois can entrust its future to him.

It's because, Blagojevich modestly told us, he's blessed with "testicular virility."

And all along we thought it was the hair.

Thanks to Capitol Fax for the good fun of the complete run down posted here.

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