Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blommer's Chocolate (ol)Factory Outlet

Okay, you must, at some point in your Chicago life, like tomorrow, stop by Blommer's Chocolate Outlet at the corner of Kinzie and Milwaukee. But, before you go, look below real closely. Back row. Third from the left. That's what you want. Don't leave the store without them.


Anonymous said...

I worked for 35 years in down town Chicago at 311 west Washington for Ill Bell. And when the wind was out of the north west you chould smell the Chocolate comming from Blommers and it was the gratest smell in the world. Dave Mackey , Retired in FL now.

Anonymous said...

And do you know that some recent residents of the newly built "neighborhood" have complained that the smell is bothersome. Never mind that the smell was there looooooong before they bought their condo. Did they think the wind was always going to blow the other way?