Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Deeper Shade of Blue

On the heels of the inauguration of a detestable President whose key supporters conveniently ignore that Christ wanted us to love our neighbors, I am proud that yesterday our state prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation. Nothing threatens my marriage, my family, or my children's well-being more than the support of bigotry. I am happy and grateful to live here.

Governor's press release


Anonymous said...

Nothing threatens your marriage, family or your children more than your bigotry against unborn children.

Why do you support sodomy? Men putting their penises into each others anuses and mouths, and all manner of perverse activity that is detestable which spreads diseases like AIDS, and destroys the life of the soul, and causes deep mental and emotional pain and bondage, and you, a supposedly intelligent young mother support that kind of thing?

Jennifer said...

First, anonymous, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm happy to hear your point of view.

I just don't have a lot of problems with any aspect of sexuality. I take the point of view that our bodies are part of God's wonderful plan for us, and the diversity of appetites and exploration and possibilities is naturally astounding.

I can't remember ever choosing to be a heterosexual, so I am at peace that homosexuals never chose their orientation either. It may have been something they came to realize over time, but I don't think any of us chooses so actively. I see it more of a kind of calling.

So, it's all really okay in my mind. I don't feel threatened by what consenting adults do together in the privacy of their lives. I actually think that a lot of people who are against homosexuality fear that they might find something enjoyable about it themselves, thus they protest so forcefully. Because that possibility frightens them.

If they felt freer to embrace it and say maybe that's more me or maybe it's not me, many in the world would be less anxious about it. That's my feeling.

I think the soul is uplifted by mutually respectful relationships among all God's people in whatever form they take.

It's violence between and among people that damages. It's disrespect, in my view, that damages. I find violence perverse. I find hatred perverse. So, I just don't have a problem with sodomy or sexuality as long as it's mutual and respectful.

Now, not sure how the unborn babies argument got thrown in here or how it has anything to do with the topic of homosexuality. But, again, you're free to your opinion just as I am to mine.

Thanks again for stopping by. Peace to you and yours.