Wednesday, March 17, 2004


Even though she wore an oversized top hat with green sequences and a shamrock shirt, the woman working in Navy Pier’s Irish Imports store looked a little forlorn this St. Patrick’s Day afternoon. I interrupted a daydream or maybe a worry, “How's your St. Patrick’s Day going?”

“Well, Saturday and Sunday were okay, but today I think everyone went back to work. They had to be in their offices.”

“Oh well, everyone kind of celebrated last weekend, I guess.”


Despite her slow day, the caricaturist down the hall attracted a decent sized crowd who watched as he airbrushed a drawing of a teenager’s face. The teeth and lips were exaggerated beyond those of the smiling kid sitting in front of him. He held the half-finished drawing up for the kid's parents to see. They shrugged and resumed waiting in skeptical anticipation. Or, maybe it was boredom.

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