Monday, September 26, 2005

Chicago Humanities Festival: Lots for Urbanistas and -istos

It is hard to believe that the Chicago Humanities Festival chose "Home & Away" as their theme long before Katrina hit. The timing is uncanny. It's almost as if the universe knew we would need to be talking about this kind of stuff right about now.

My program is for the festival, which runs from October 29 - November 13, is all marked up with ball point pen. There's a lot of good stuff going on for anyone interested in architecture, place, and notions of home and community.

Here are just a few highlights, but be sure to dip into the program for the full bag of idea cookies:

Northwestern Professor Louise W. Knight on "What Jane Addams Gained on Halsted Street."
(Nov. 12)

Keynote Speech by Richard Florida on "The Flight of the Creative Class." (Nov. 3)

Debate: When Jobs Leave Home with Daniel W. Drezner assistant professor of poly sci at U. of Chicago and Thea Lee, chief international economist for the AFL-CIO (Nov. 5)

Robert Venturi on "Mies is More -- earning from Mies." (Nov. 9)

Roberta Feldman on "Re-Placing Home." (Nov. 13)

Oh, there's so much great stuff. This only scrapes the surface. Really, please go to the program and look for yourself. I'd hate for you to miss it.


Michael Allen said...

The program looks very good. I wish that I could come up for it, but when one is about to move into an old house that needs work, travel becomes a remote possibility...

Jennifer said...

I suppose outrageous gas prices don't help either. Good luck with That Old House.