Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Safety Star by Victoria Fuller

Safety Star, View 1

I love this sculpture. It's my favorite in the 2004-2005 Lincoln Park Community Art Initiative. (See previous posts here, here, and here.) First of all, the sentiment of the title rocks -- like it's a contemporary St. Christopher medal for our neighborhood. Safety Star's proximity to the firehouse on the corner of Armitage and Larrabee (it's located in a small park just south of the building) makes the safety theme resonate even further.

I also love that the sculptor, Victoria Fuller, took a ubiquitous, mundane object and shaped a bunch of them into something new, surprising and captivating.

If you go see it, don't just view it from a distance. The sculpture rewards you for taking time to view it up close. Here's what you see when you peer through one of the cones' ends.

Safety Star, View 2

The black metals rings are the lattice work of Safety Star's support structure and aesthetically pleasing in their own right.

Finally, I love the burst of color Safety Star brings to my neighborhood, especially on gray, winter days. Here's a peek through the alley on the west side of the firehouse.

Safety Star, View 3

The sculptures in this program will only be displayed through April. Then, a new round of public art moves in. That's too bad for Safety Star. I think it's a keeper.

(Just for kicks, here's the other Victoria Fuller's art website. Adults Only.)

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