Thursday, April 08, 2004

We've Gone Mothballs until there is Regime Change at Home

I am outraged that our President can not appear before the 9/11 panel under oath and on the record. It is shameful. Instead, he is meeting with the panel in secret and with Dick Cheney by his side. This fact alone suggests that the biggest threat to the future of our nation is George W. Bush.

I feel we must do everything we can to help oust this President and put a true statesmen in the White House. I feel it is absolutely urgent. We can not afford another four years of this reckless behavior.

All my blogging time will now go to VoterBoat. Please do what you can, too. Writing letters to editors is an urgent need and very easy to do on your own schedule.

Please visit me and write me at where your submissions and participation are welcome.

See you next year. . .

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